The Sermons CD Collection

Over the years many people have asked me to make the sermons on available on CD. I have been reluctant to do so, because I would have to charge for this service. It is my desire to give the sermons away freely.

However, I have come to realize that some people still have slow Internet connections and have trouble downloading the large MP3 files. So I am making the sermons available as a 19 CD collection.

Let me be very clear about this collection. You can, or will eventually be able to, download these sermons for free at You are paying for the CD's, packaging, shipping charges, and the time it takes for me to make these CD's. The sermons themselves are and always will be free. Basically, you are paying for the convenience of not having to download them.

The CD's contain over 2000 audio sermons. Most of them are in MP3 format, but some are in Real Audio format. It contains Most (but not all) of the sermons on this site, plus many that I have not had the time to put up. All sermons on these CD's will eventually be available for free download.

The price of $49.99 includes shipping.

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