The Sermon CD Service

A while back we began offering most of our sermons as a CD set for those who have a slow Internet connection. There have been some mixed responses to this. Some have requested individual sermons on audio CD's instead of MP3 data CD's.

Making Audio CD's is much more time consuming than data CD's, but I am willing to give this service a try.

Most, but not all, sermons are available. If you order a sermon that is not available I will simply refund your purchase. Remember, you can download any sermon for free. You are simply paying for materials, shipping, and my time.

If you see a sermon on this site that you would like burnt to an Audio CD that you can play in any CD player, just enter the speakers name and the name of the sermon below.

Each CD is made specifically for you. I will email you if you make a large order for a delivery estimate.

The price will be $3.00 plus .50 cents shipping.

Please Enter Speakers Name and Sermon Title




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