Why single 20 something's don't go to church
by Luke Joshua Davis

Next time you go to church look around. You will most likely see a lot of children and youth, quite a few young families, and tons of old people. What you will not see a lot of are single young adults. Granted, in a good church many in this age group will be away at a Christian college. However, I'm not just speaking of college age church-goers. Look again at the congregation. How many are between 20 and 30 years old? How many of those are single?

If you are in an average fundamental church, you won't see many. This age group could be the lifeblood of our churches. They have energy and charisma. They are not afraid to sacrifice for their ideals and will work hard to obtain a goal. They are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they are the leaders of today. And yet they would rather sleep in than go to church. Why?

There is no one reason. However, there are many things that attribute to this behavior. Being a 20 something myself, I have personally experienced all of these.

What can you do about this problem? I honestly don't know. Every church is different. What works for yours may not work for another's. Pray for your 20 something's. It is a very difficult, confusing time in their life. Pray that they will see that diligently seeking God is the only solution to their life's problems. Once they begin to seek God, they will return to church.

You can contact Luke Joshua Davis at luke@sermondepository.com

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