Love them like your Dog.
By Luke Joshua Davis

You could say that I am a Dog person. You could also say I am a cat, bird, and fish person. I love all animals. My best buddy is Happy. She is an adorable, four year old Shi-Tzu. You have never met a friendlier dog. I have never seen her growl or bark out of anger. She loves kids and lets them abuse her. You could not ask for a better dog.

Well, I guess you could ask. She does do some annoying things. It's been four years and she doesn't quite have the potty trained thing down. She is a total bed hog. I have no idea how an eleven pound dog can push a grown adult out of bed. She likes to hide her bones in my bed, leaving me with nasty surprises in the morning. Her timing is the worst. It never fails, as soon as I sit down to watch a show or eat dinner she needs to go out. Of course, none of that even needs to be forgiven. After I clean up the mess, I just hug her and tell her I love her.

Jesus commands us to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." (Matthew 5:43) Wouldn't it be nice if people would just love their neighbor as their dog?

We wouldn't snap at the waitress when our steak is a little red. We wouldn't get upset in traffic. We wouldn't slander the pastor, or criticize the youth director. Our families would fight less and our jobs would be less stressful.

You see, we love out pets unconditionally. We don't expect anything from them. When they make a mess we just clean it up. If we could just learn to love others like that! When our neighbors make a mess we should just clean it up and forget it.

You can contact Luke Joshua Davis at

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