The Problem is Finding the Problem
by Luke Joshua Davis

When we say we know someone it generally implies that we know their past and can predict what they will do in any given situation. In reality, we can never truly know another person. While there is no closer bond than marriage, those of you who are married know that every once in while your partner will truly surprise you. This is partly because people change, but mostly because all people are wonderfully complex.

What amazes me is that we never truly know ourselves. At times I think my friends and family know me better than I do. I would love to be able to see myself though their eyes! I want to know my strengths, so I can rely on them. I want to know my weaknesses, so I can work on them. I find this almost impossible to do on my own. What I view as weakness is often my strength. Being blinded by pride and self doubt, I confuse myself and end up not knowing myself at all. How can I improve myself if I don't know myself?

Of course, no one knows us better than God. He sees us through perfect eyes. His loving gaze has observed every aspect of our past and His gentle hand controls every aspect of our future. He knows exactly what choice we will make before we make it. The deepest crevasse of our subconscious is made known to Him. God truly knows us. It's a little scary.

Like most true Christians, I want to be a Godly person. Sadly, sin is so engrained in my being; I do not have the capacity to even begin the process. The refection I look at in the mirror of my intellect is warped by the presence of sin. Where do I begin? How do I begin?

Fortunately, God is a fair God. He has given us a mirror that does not cloud. The Holy Scriptures is Gods perfect mirror. When we compare our lives to the Bible it will truly show us our weaknesses. Once we see our faults things get easier. Often in the Christians life finding the problem is the greatest problem.

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