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Important Announcement:

Since 2005 The Sermon Depository has hosted over a thousand sermons. In that time over a million sermons have been downloaded.

A million......thats a big number.

However, the site is showing its age. This past year, when the hosting fees came around, I thought about shutting the site down. Traffic is steady at 30000 visitors a month, but lately I have only gotten complaints about the site. It is true that I have not updated it in years. Plus, add revenue from Google is not paying for the fees to keep it up.

Then I looked at the stats, something I had ignored for years. There I discovered something that stirred my heart.

Half of the traffic to The Sermon Depository is coming from China.

The Chinese people do not enjoy the access to good teaching like we do in the states. I can't take this source away from them.

So this is what I am going to do:

I will keep up the site no matter what, but I will also let my American, European, and Australian brothers and sisters help if they want.

Below is a way to give $1 (or a little more) to help keep this site up. Any money collected above the hosting fees will be spent to add new sermons to the site.

Level of Helping

Keep in mind, even if no one gives, I will keep this site open. I am just giving you the opportunity to help.



We at hope you enjoy the free audio sermons on this site. Most are in MP3 format so that you may listen to them on any computer, download them to a portable player, or burn them to CD. We hope they help you grow in the LORD! Please distribute these sermons any way you see fit. Our goal is to get great preaching to the masses any way possible!

Any believer will enjoy the content of this site. However, this site is unapologetically Independent Baptist in its doctrine. All sermons are either by respected speakers or are rigorously previewed to ensure doctrinal accuracy. This site is a safe haven for those who just want to listen to good preaching!

Everything is free! You will never be charged for anything at


Search the Sermon Depository for your favorite preacher!:

Update Log:

4-3-09 Added 281 sermons by Jack Hyles. Unfortunetly, they are in real media format.

3-27-09 Added the entire Sweethaven Baptist Church 2009 Spring Revival with Dave Kistler

3-12-09 Added 2 sermons from Jimmy DeYoung

3-12-09 Added 5 sermons from David Gibbs!

1-9-09 - Added 16 books by or about D. L Moody. They are all in PDF format and are very old. Some are rare.

12-10-08 - Added a 10 sermon series on the family by Cary Borkert

11/6/08 - Added two new speakers

8/8/08 - long time no update. Thats what happens when you get married and buy a house. Check the sermons page for one new preacher.

11/16/07 - over the past few months we have added several new preachers to our archive. We have also added some text references.

7/6/07 - Added some sermons from Cary Borkert


5/24/07 - added a Jim Vineyard page

5/4/07 - added Lee Robersons funeral. I only have the first 2 and a half hours of this. It went longer than I expected... The quality is hit and miss, the WDYN server was very busy durring the funeral!

5/1/07 - Added the last known message Lee Roberson spoke. We are all very sad to have lost such a great man, and happy that he can be with his savior.

3/26/07 - Added a videos page! Watch videos from Lee Roberson, David Gibbs and dozens of other preachers. Over 4 Gigs of sermon videos!

2/28/07 - The 1991 Sword of the Lord Confrence page is so popular I added another Sword Conference, the 2006 North Coast Sword of the Lord Conference. As I find more I will add them.

2/22/07 - Added a marriage page. This contains great sermons relation to marriage. Oh! How our world needs this!

2/4/07 - Added to the Lee Roberson Page

12/2/06 - Added a Harry Bollback Page

11/16/06 - Yup, another Jack Hyles Page

11/16/06 - Added a Jimmy DeYoung page (this guy is amazing!) and some sermons to the Charles Ryrie page. Thanks to David for these and other sermons to come! I have a ton of new sermons waiting to be posted, so stay tuned for more good stuff!

11/15/06 - Added a Buck Wardle page

10/20/06 - Added a fifth Jack Hyles Page

10/18/06 - Added a video by David Gibbs. The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo.wmv

10/9/06 - Added a Jack Schaap page. Thanks panthersfan9104! More is on its way!

10/2/06 - added a fourth Jack Hyles page and a Mike Allison page! Thanks to Jay Smith for recommending Mike Allison!

8/22/06 - I'm very excited to introduce a new writer in our articles section, Cary Borkert! We hope to post a new article from him every month. His content is very practical pastoral advice!

8/16/06 - We are going to try something new! I have added a forum so we can talk about the sermons and exchange ideas. I'm viewing this as a test, if it works then it will stay, if no one uses it I will get rid of it. Forums are a lot of work, but I'm hoping it is worth it.

8/15/06 - Added a third Jack Hyles Page

8/11/06 - Added a second Jack Hyles Page.

7/24/06 - Added an exciting new section! There is now an articles page with original Christian content. There are only four articles right now, but I am working to get several authors posting at least once a week. Right now we only have one, Luke Joshua Davis.

7/7/06 - Added lots of sermons to the Jack Hyles page. Added several new sermons to the David Gibbs page.

6/21/06 - Added a R B Ouellette page.

5/31/06 - Added several new sermons including a few from Jack Hyles. More from Jack Hyles are on thier way. I'm working on a major update that is planned for the middle of next month! Expect about 1000 new sermons!

3/29/06 - Added a Mike Pelletier page

3/22/06 - Added a search feature to the site! Now you can search for words in a sermons title.

3/21/06 - Added a very large Jeff Owens section

1/18/06 - Created two Jeff Fugate pages.

1/11/06 - Created a second Greg Locke page and created a J Vernon McGee page.

1/10/06 - We are now fully transfered over to our new host. The site should be much more reliable now. I'm excited to offer a new type of content on the site. The entire New Testament on MP3! You can download it chapter by chapter or book by book.

1/4/06 - We are now on a new, more reliable host. Added several new sermons from David Gibbs. We now have 20 of his sermons.

12/28/05 - Site was down for a week. We have a cheap host, you get what you pay for. Lots of new speakers. We now have 342 sermons and 44 speakers!

12/14/05 - Added several new speakers.

11/16/05 - We now have 285 sermons. Check out all the new preachers on the sermons page!

11/12/05 - Another big update. We now have 221 sermons. That is about 1.5 GB of sermons!

11/9/05 - We now have 155 sermons.

11/7/05 - Added several new sermons and three new preachers: Curtis Hudson, Gary Good, and Gibb Hale

11/2/05 - Added several more sermons (we now have 127) and a Bob Jones Sr page. I think we have the largest collection of Lee Roberson sermons on the net.

10/31/05 - Added a Lee Roberson page

10/29/05 - Added 31 sermons

10/28/05 - Grand Opening, 80 sermons to start with. I have another 40 that I just need to format. My goal is to have 1000 by the end of the year. I am looking hard for sermons by Lee Roberson in MP3 format or on tape.


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